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Productivity expert reveals the optimized path toward college success, now with more than 100 pages of new, cutting-edge content in this PDF download. 

Forget the old concept of study hard and graduate at the top of your class as the golden ticket to success. Today, there is a different college guide needed in the New Economy. Whether you want to beat the college admission process, develop efficient college study skills, or simply launch the college career of your dreams, HACKiversity is a battle-tested toolkit designed by students, for students. 

This step-by-step guide to an optimized college experience teaches: 

  • How to learn any subject in 20 hours
  • How to identify the colleges that provide 80% of all value
  • How to avoid the 3 most common mistakes in selecting a major
  • How to make networking 10x more effective
  • How to develop the skills 93% of employers value more than a college major
  • How to identify the next multi-billion dollar industries


The new expanded edition of HACKiversity provides 40+ testimonials from recent college graduates, including:

  • Team USA Hockey gold medalist and former professional hockey player, retired from NHL circuit (age 22);
  • Patent designer turned professional YouTuber with 75+ million views (age 27);
  • Startup founder, crowdfunded $100,000+ to build a school in Africa, raised $150,000 in venture capital to launch startup company (age 26);
  • Networking superstar who leveraged LinkedIn to score job with presidential campaign, works in White House (age 23);
  • Harvard near-flunkee turned NFL office insider (age 23);
  • Fulbright Scholar, drafted laws as part of state legislative committee (age 24);
  • Aerospace engineer, works on projects that support the International Space Station (age 26);
  • Superstar scientist, serial publisher of scholarly articles, and former presenter at prestigious Mayo Clinic (age 28).

HACKiversity: The Secrets to Achieving More By Doing Less in College (PDF )

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  • This is a digital product and therefore there is nothing to "ship." Instead, you will shortly receive a copy of your digital download. If you don't, use the "Contact" tab on the website to contact me directly, and I will personally make sure you receive what you purchased. 

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